Single-Sign On

humanID has developed a one-click, anonymous authentication solution that provides a safer online experience through the guarantee of user privacy and the prevention of bot, duplicate, and spam accounts.

Using phone-based authentication, humanID assigns each human user a hash Ied identifier, affording individuals unique online identities and the highest level of privacy protection.

humanID immediately deletes a user’s data upon authentication and never shares such information with the accessed website. Verification through phone number protects websites from unwanted, inhuman accounts and provides users with the added advantage of entirely eliminating the need for passwords.

With humanID’s technology, users enjoy a convenient and secure login experience while websites secure a useful ally against harmful bot accounts.

Login display with humanID on phone

How Does Single Sign-On Work?


The foundation for SSO success is built upon trust between multiple parties. The service provider, or the application, and the identity provider, like humanID, must be perfectly transparent with one another in order to provide users seamless and secure access to multiple web resources. This trust is typically verified through the exchange of a certificate between both parties which can be used to identify information sent from the identity provider and service provider. In SSO, these bits of information, known as SSO tokens, are typically user credentials like email or username.

Single Sign-On demonstration

Our Authentication Solutions


humanID has developed one-click, anonymous authentication solutions that provide a safer online experience through the guarantee of user privacy and the prevention of bot, duplicate, and spam accounts. humanID currently offers apps and websites an easy-to-use single sign-on tool, as well as a CAPTCHA user authentication, both easily integrated through SDKs available on Github.

Privacy, Meet Accountability

With a one-click anonymous login, humanID gives the internet the accountability it needs without the surveillance it doesn’t

Blue/White User and phone
Blue/White User Conversation
Blue/White/yellow computer privacy

Phone number received and immediately deleted

Higher user conversion rates
Less content moderation costs
Lower implied cost of data breach
Quick privacy law compliance

Protects free speech online
Limits trolls, spam, bots, sock puppets,
One human, one ID
Real discussion, real privacy
Better democracy

Facebook user data including name, number, address, email, sexual orientation, race, hobbies, interests, and employment information collected

Lower conversion rates
Spam, trolls, bots
60% of data breaches bankrupt companies
Legal costs of compliance

Fake news corrupting elections
30% of Facebook are fake accounts
Echo chambers and polarization
Hateful communities
Data breaches
Threat to democracy

Black/Yellow/White ID
Black/Yellow/White Bot
Black/Yellow/White Censorship


humanID has SDKs, Software Development Kits, for integrating humanID’s authentication system into other applications. Our GitHub hosts the source code for each SDK, as well as installation instructions and example code.

We currently support:

Android Software Development Kit Integration Guide
Golang Software Development Kit Integration Guide
IOS Software Development Kit Integration Guide
Flutter Software Development Kit Integration Guide
Website Software Development Kit Integration Guide
React Native Software Development Kit Integration Guide


Block Spam

Permanently block repeat offenders from leaving comments or messages, significantly cutting down on time spent to moderate content.

Full User Privacy

Users can leave comments and messages without handing over any personal information. No data to handle, no data leaks to fear.

Comment Plug-In

Completely blocks automated spam bots without you or your readers even noticing!

Contact Form Plug-In

Only authenticated users’ messages enter your inbox, streamlining your workflow.


Block Spam

One account per human, block abusers for good (automatically, no extra work on your end).

Offer Full Privacy

We secure your server without saving any user data. You never have to worry about security or data breaches. 

Ease of Implementation

Users can sign up within seconds using “/verify” in a designated channel. 

Ease of Use

Can be added to your server and running within minutes. 


Louis van Ahn, inventor of CAPTCHA, once explained that a day would come where CAPTCHA would be unable to tell humans and bots apart any better than simply guessing. The unfortunate truth for the billions connected to the internet today is that the future Louis saw is here. With sophisticated botnets and powerful image recognition software, the system of puzzles once used to keep the internet safe from bots is now little more than a data-harvesting roadblock for human users. Bots actually have an easier time defeating CAPTCHA than humans do, leading many to ask why we would even use this outdated system at all?

Enter humanID CAPTCHA, our new solution to the bot problem that uses open-source tech to finally do away with puzzles! With humanID, users are assigned a unique, non-reversible identifier confirmed through SMS, ensuring complete anonymity. Using humanID, users can be sure they won’t have to go through puzzles, while platforms that integrate with us can sleep soundly, knowing that they have a bot-free network!

Advantages of humanID vs. Captcha

White and Blue Phone

Efficient and

All you need is a phone number

White and Blue Bot

No More Stoplights

Bot-prevention without puzzles

White/Blue Verification

Quick Verification

Rapid SMS code input

White/Blue Handshake

Transparent and Trustworthy

Nonprofit and open source

White/Blue Hand Lock

Secured Privacy

No background monitoring and kept information