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Why You Should Use humanID

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More User Accountability, Less Moderation Cost

  • Automatic blocks of spammers, trolls & extremists.

  • Accountability for users, reviewers & content creators.

  • Enforceability of user bans, paywalls, community rules, country-level restrictions.

  • Significantly lower cost of content moderation & monitoring.

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Privacy As A Unique Selling Proposition

  • Full GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliance with humanID.

  • Safety from surveillance, data selling, hacks, and data leak.

  • Independence from Facebook & Google – no more data abuse.

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Superior User Experience Creating Higher Revenues

  • Convenient and trustworthy sign-up. Leading to higher conversion rates and higher revenues.

  • No passwords, no CAPTCHAs, no separate app download.

  • User data not stored with humanID

  • Simple Tech Integration alongside the traditional Single Sign-on.


humanID is nonprofit, open-source, and transparent, which means that our products are available as cheap as possible.


Costs vary from 1 cent per login.

The cost of our products is based on cost of sending an SMS in the country that you are operating in.

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No setup or subscription costs.

(You pay for what you get!)

1,000 logins

The first 1,000 logins are on us!