Priest Resigns After Lack of Privacy on Grindr

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  humanID joins Instagram. Follow us @human_id_official or click here!
  Catholic priest’s resignation reveals a lack of data privacy on dating apps
  Law enforcement targets sensitive cloud data in court-mandated subpoenas
  Black athletes call for more online accountability after facing racism on social media

 humanID’s Instagram page goes live!

humanID has joined Instagram! Follow us at @human_id_official to learn more about our vision for a safer internet and to stay updated on everything humanID.

 humanID x Reality 2.0

We have partnered with Reality 2.0, a podcast on privacy and digital identity, to share our joint vision of protecting the internet. Co-hosts Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls have a chat with humanID co-founders Bastian Purrer and Namik Muduroglu about the open-source anonymous single sign-on solution. Check out this podcast to learn about humanID and our mission to #FixTheInternet. 

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  A lack of data privacy on Grindr leads to the outing and resignation of a Catholic Priest

  A Catholic newsletter called The Pillar was able to find sensitive information about a priest from what they claimed was “commercially available app signal data” and ultimately caused him to resign

  The lack of privacy on LGBTQ+ dating apps is another poignant example of how data collected by advertising companies can be used to track and disclose the most personal details of an online user’s life

 Packages of data such as approximate locations and telephone static ID numbers (a unique string of numbers assigned to every mobile device) can even be purchased from third-party vendors

  How do you feel about personal data often being so easy to access? Comment below and share your sentiments!

  Microsoft rep exposes secret government subpoenas for cloud service providers to the House

 The US House Committee on the Judiciary gathered to hear testimonies on the government’s practice of secretly subpoenaing cloud service providers

 During the second half of 2020, Microsoft reported having received 24,798 requests for consumer data from US law enforcement

 There is a plethora of sensitive data stored in the cloud and federal law enforcement’s ability to breach that data is a threat to user security

 What do you think about the government’s history of secret cloud subpoenas? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below!

  Black athletes call for online accountability after racial abuse on social media

 Black athletes who have been recently targeted by racist comments online boycotted social media demanding that platforms increase accountability and implement real-name policies to reduce instances of prejudice on the web

 The athletes called for the outlawing of online anonymity. But for various groups such as activists and whistleblowers, anonymity offers a chance to expose injustice and preserve the truth with a reduced risk of persecution

 humanID’s SSO login offers an alternative solution by keeping users anonymous while simultaneously maintaining accountability and preventing abuse online

 Athletic organizations in the UK ultimately confronted Twitter and Facebook for what they said was systemic failure to prevent their platforms being used to spread racism

 What are your thoughts on having more accountability on the web? Let us know by commenting below!

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