humanID Discord Authentication Bot

Discord authentication done right

humanID offers a 100% anonymous option for Discord authentication. Protect your server from duplicate accounts, raids, and abusive users with a more secure method of authentication.

humanID guarantees that our Discord authentication bot is anti-spam, anti-raid, and anti-bot with no other motive than to preserve online communities. We never harvest personal data.

Why humanID Discord Bot?

Real anonymity: data is not just secured, it’s never stored in the first place

Backed by the Foundation for a Human Internet: full support with no other goal than online safety

Greater security than authentication methods that lack SMS verification

How It Works

Enter your phone number (it’s never saved!)


SMS verification


Use Discord safely

Re-imagine your Discord Experience

Use the humanID bot to keep other bots out.

Commands & Tutorial

Discord Bot Commands

Commands List

!create – add function for each





**Will add content here related to tutorial here, only 1 tutorial will be likely needed**